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Metal Fencing

Metal Fencing

IN Fences and Gates
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May 27, 2022
About Project
  • Heavy-duty wrought iron adds security and is difficult to cut
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Aluminum is heavy-gauged and powder coated with an acrylic finish
  • Low-maintenance
  • Available for security, decorative, pool or garden/farm fencing
  • Pre-assembled panels and gates make for easy installation
  • Will not fade or discolor

Fence Anatomy

There are various types of fences. Whichever one you choose, the main elements will remain the same.

  • End Post Cap: Rounded cap used to protect end posts
  • Brace Band: Used to hold the rail end in place
  • Tension Band: Used to attach the chain link fence fabric to line posts and end posts
  • Terminal Post: End, corner and gate posts
  • Rail Cup: Holds the top rails and secures them to the terminal posts
  • Tension Bar: Vertical bar that secures the chain link fabric to the tension bands and posts
  • Tension Wire: Can be added to the bottom of a chain link fence to discourage animals from pushing underneath the fence
  • Rail: Horizontal bar that spans the top of the fence
  • Line Post Cap: Ringed cap that rests on top of the line posts and holds the rails
  • Line Post Eye Top: Corrosion-resistant with a polished look, fits on top of line posts to help support rails
  • Post: Vertical component, set in the ground, that provides the main support for the fence
  • Panel: Pre-assembled unit that attaches to the posts and provides screening
  • Concrete: Pourable mix hardens to provide strong support for the post
  • Gravel: Small loose rock allows drainage
  • Post Top: Decorative cap that adds a finished look to the fence
  • Fastener: Galvanized or stainless steel nails, screws, and other hardware used to secure the fence components
  • Pickets: Vertical panels that attach to the rails and provide screening
  • Cross Rails: Horizontal elements that connect the posts and support the pickets